Friday, 8 May 2009

An ocean

Since I continually harp on about entrepreneurship, I thought I'd write a list of my achievements in the sector. You'll soon realise that between dreaming and doing there's an ocean in-between - at least in my case. Let's hope that can change sometime in the future!

Stuff I've done successfully:

(1) Property investment
(2) Property refurbishment
(3) Buying-selling designer denim on-line (marginally successful, at least I ended up with a great wardrobe!)
(4) Having lots of lovely ideas in the shower....(steady, steady, readers!)

Just a few of the (multiple) stuff I've dreamt of doing, done research, but never got so far as writing a business plan (those old demons again "you haven't got the'll never pull it haven't got the're not good enough..wicked chuckle, wicked chuckle!"):

(1) Environmentally-friendly dry-cleaning business (opened by someone else locally 6 months later...and doing well...ARGHH!)

(2) Designer clothing 'swap' website (still pendng but bought URL. But then, STILL pending is all that matters...)

(3) Idea for a cut-resistant glove (no joke! - after I cut the end of my finger off - anyway, already exists as my research uncovered!)

(4) Cellulite friendly underwear (subsequently done by 'spanx'...)

(5) Italian-style bakery

(6) Hot chocolate cafe'

Books I've written but not published: 2
Languages I speak but no occasion to: 5 and 2 bits
Husbands with whom I'm not communicating: 1
Gorgeous kids: 2
Dress size: 6-8
Height: 158 cms carried away.....

Well, as I say, between dreaming and doing there's an ocean in day I'll get out of my rut. I will. I WILL!! I WILL!!! (...I hope. Watch this space. My husband says there's no rut to get out of. All depends on perception. And character. And ambition. And dreams...Uh oh, back to square one!).

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