Sunday, 31 May 2009

1 half-term break doing-it-myself at home, complete!

Half-term break: come to an end.
Kids collected from grandparents' country cottage: 2
Walls painted by yours truly: 2
Cupboards painted (3 coats): 2 (one large...bust my backside and my back...but worth it)
Chests of drawers painted: one (drawers only, but makes a statement nevertheless: 'arty concept'? or maybe, 'lazy cow!');
Ancient art-deco sideboard with great potential but nasty finish stripped and given a makeover: 1
Gorgeous bang up-to-date totally 'designer' sideboard I'm thinking of flogging on ebay: (same) 1
Dinners eaten out with husband and no kids: 3
Wine drunk: lots. At various random times of the day...
Happy husband: 1
Relaxed wife: 1
Satisfaction(yes, there IS joy in the simple things!): Lots!

1 comment:

  1. Seize the day! Really glad you had a good time - and more importantly, that you are enjoying the simple things (often the best...), rather than dwelling on your personal recherche du temps perdu. Keep up the good work!