Thursday, 24 December 2009

In or out of the cupboard?

My empirical research suggests that it is better to pen personalised blog posts from behind the cover of an alias. Discuss?

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  1. thanks for this. You've made me re-consider a part of a post I wrote earlier this month (not crumbling), that I did wonder about. But because my blog is quite new, I didn't think many people would be reading it, and so it would be okay. But I realise that if the person in question was to read it ever at any point, they would recognise themselves and I had given out a lot of personal information . . . so have just gone back and edited it!

    It is interesting as I haven't read about blogging etiquette, just been using my own common sense. And I made a choice not to post images of my children, or really talk about them, or my partner or anyone really, but just to make it personal to me and what I go through. However, as time ticks on it is tempting and easy to give away more as you become relaxed - and, unless people follow you, or leave comments, you don't really know who is reading what and doing what with the info!!!

    Anyhow, this was a good reminder, and whilst I am sitting here having a fairly rubbish christmas eve - I am ill (can't go out or even drink!), my son has been ill, and my daughter is now ill and so I find myself reading blogs and wondering what my life is turning into and willing myself to go and make those rum truffles (see latest post on my blog!).

    But here's wishing you a very merry christmas, and yes, there is probably far too long - but hey ho, I'm just waiting for santa to arrive.x