Saturday, 4 July 2009

Garden party

Right. Let the party begin!

The lawns are mowed, edged, the flowers planted, hedges spruced, paving washed. (A lot of work, for hubby and me).

Shoes bought, my little girl's dress tried for size.

My wreck of a house has also transformed itself into Cinderella. "Wow, what designer piece is THAT?!" asked a friend (old sixties, stripped and painted it myself). "Nice Lulu Guiness lampshade!" (no, I whisper, it's not, you won't guess where...a judicious choice at a quarter of the price!). Farrow and Ball paint? Osborne and Little wallpaper? (No, B&Q - who'd guess). A designer home designed on a budget and looking like a million dollars. "You should do it professionally!" gasp my friends. "I know. I KNOW." I reply. I do know. It's my one skill and I'm happy not to hide it. Love it, if you're good at it. Joy. So: things are looking up. Looking super.

We're setting out the champagne glasses. I'm bubbly inside. I love parties. Throwing a party - it's my natural habitat. Love fun. Love people.

So: tommorow 30-odd people will descend to christen our home and celebrate 40 years. Mine. Everything is lookin' perfect, folks. Lookin' perfect for a party. Let's celebrate life!


  1. Love to join you, but my planner's full. Your 40th what -- birthday or anniversary?

  2. LOL at Rob's comment, your 40th anniversary would make you how old?? x